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One Year Anniversary Fundraising Initiative

Join us in celebrating our business anniversary by donating to affordable housing initiatives in Asheville.
Owner, McKenzie Dillingham is personally involved in the projects listed below and knows the huge impact these organizations are making for those on the margins. Both developments are unique, so please read a bit about them and follow the link to their page for opportunities  to donate.



These affordable housing apartments are proposed as a multi-family development. The site will consist of 45 one, two and, three-bedroom apartments with a large community space.  Residents, including adults and single mothers with children, would have incomes ranging from 30%-80% AMI. The highest earners would make up to $42,000 annually (80% Area Median Income), and the majority of the residents would make less than $15,000 annually (30% AMI) . This project will be easily accessible to public transportation and service in downtown.
It has been Haywood Street Congregation's long term vision to provide affordable housing since their doors opened many years ago.



BeLoved Asheville's vision is underway - building a village of 12 micro homes. After a local homeless woman froze to death living outdoors, BeLoved dreamed of creating deeply affordable options for neighbors in desperate need of housing. The village will be built sustainably and  incorporate a community space for gardening and other events. Residents will rent their 440 square foot homes and build equity that will be held in trust for their future endeavors. Those living in the micro homes will be selected from a pool of applicants at an Area Median Income of 30%, less than approximately $15,000 annually.

Giving Back: News & Updates
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